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Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton Royal Wedding

|  Prince William And Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton Kissing |

 Prince William And Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton ,relationship of 8 years Culminating in a royal wedding, united kingdom ( U.K ) prince william will marry his girlfriend, Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton,april 29 ( 2011 ), all in the world is eager to see the biggest Royal wedding of all time.it is estimated that total that expenditure will be more than 50$ million and some of the costs woll be covered by the royal faimly.but most likely will cost the British Tax payer more than $ 20,000,000.

| Kate Middleton and Prince William Marriage Ceremony |

Many people have already planned a Trip to ( United Kingdom ) to attend This Great event. I'll stick to My Tv to watch closely the Live Broadcast there are some Things i have in mind that i do not want to Miss.I'm sure all rejoice with the bride's wedding dress stunning.even if u still do not know which designers will invited to dress in Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton, i am sure the dress will be most Catchy.at the point of view of many planners,"Kate" Middleton would have gone for something very simple,because it is his hair style.however, Since this Marriage will be a Historic moment for the Royal faimly, i think that the suit should be enough to take particular account of history.

 | Royal Family Official Church |

and 'Certain  that the Royal wedding take place in the Official Church ,including west minster abbey.the center can accommodate 2,000 people, princess fergie and the monarchies of Holland , Romania, Norway,Belgium, Spain, Sweden and Denmark have confirmed their presence.everyone is curious to know if the faimly of Princess Diana will be invited.once again,we are also guessing that names of celebrities' will appear on the guest list.what's next after the ceremony. if everything is done the traditional way,the new couple will make their way through parliament square.white Hall, horse guards parade and the Mall.she will then travel to Buckinggham place,where the Bride and Groom are expected to great the audience from the Balcony. i think the time is more Valuable because it is the same Balcony where the parents of  Prince william.Prince Charles and Princess Diana embraced in ( 1981 ). history repeats itself after Thirty years!

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