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Kate Midddleton Wedding Dress

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Dress in which the newly formed Princess Catherine Elizabeth ''Kate Middleton'' will be at the wedding was kept a closely guarded secret until the ceremony itself. Paparazzi tried to bribe the concerned officials, and even, say, rummaging in bins in search of scraps of fabric, but a secret and remained secret until the end.

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Designer wedding dress made by Sarah Kate Burton of fashion house of Alexander McQueen. As predicted connoisseurs of fashion, the newly formed Duchess of Cambridge has chosen a style that accentuates her magnificent figure: a lace top with long sleeves and slightly flared bottom - an exquisite wedding dress of cream colored. Plume in comparison with the dress Princess Diana's fairly short, but quite enough to blend in with the proportions of the abbey. Before the wedding, it was reported that the bride wanted to decorate their hair with flowers, but the final choice was a diamond tiara. 

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 The young princess made the right decision. The dress - a very simple and elegant. Without unnecessary frills, ruff and rhinestones. Restrained, but incredibly feminine. As middleton's herself. Dress emphasized her subtlety and fragility, with determination and loyalty to tradition.Fashion observers have issued their reactions to the bride's dress. Jess Karner Morley from the Guardian said that the choice of style of Sarah Burton is supported by the British fashion. And according to the expert Harriet Quick of the fashion magazine Vogue'' wedding dress for the Duchess of Cambridge returns to the era of Grace Kelly. It's amazing beauty, restraint and modesty" - thinks Harriet - Sarah Burton has created a splendid attire, complete with a very simple veil. "Experts predict that as the exclusive boutiques for brides and clothing stores in the near future will create a huge number of options and copies of the wedding dress of the Duchess.

 | Kate Middleton Wedding Dress |
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