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Britney Spears without Makeup | 2011 |

Britney Spears is almost the most famous singer of our time. She began her work has a pop in the nineties and to this day makes us happy with his new creative achievements. Beautiful concerts, spectacular costumes and, of course, a charming appearance. Yesterday a teenage girl has now become an attractive woman. And no matter what, the fans love her and try to be like her.
It is well built and has a sports figure. Even after a long hiatus in her career she was able to buy its former shape and prove to everyone that will always remain attractive. However, the hype around this young woman never ceases, and the Internet are often flash "shocking" photos of her participation. What is depicted on them? And they depict Britney Spears, only without the makeup. And oh, horror! There is nothing to worry about. Nature endowed Britney good looks, which even the stylists do not dare to change much. You could not help noticing that almost all the photographs she is depicted with the most natural makeup. So what changes when she takes it? Nothing. Well, yes, the eyes have not summed up in pencil. Yes, there is no foundation on his face. But this did not detract from its appeal.
So do not listen to the not very cleanly journalists and illiterates photographers who simply can not hold a camera in his hands. If you like her writing, if you get the pleasure of her performances on stage, then, believe in the word, you will not care to have her make-up or not.

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britney spears in bikini said...
August 26, 2011 at 1:48 PM

britney spears without makeup looking crap ..........

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