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kim kardashian iphone app

Have you ever wanted to asked Kim Kardashian advice for on relationships about beauty, health,fitness, fashions or styles !!?I know many of you do because I'm constantly inundated with emails asking how to cop Kim kardashian style.now you can get the answers to your questions straight from Kim kardashian.

Listen to hottest Kim kardashian exclusive answers every week with her official iPhone app. The interactive app gives you a glimpse into Kim kardashian fabulous life. Kim kardashian will be selecting questions and answering them on every Tuesday and Friday for her app community to listen to exclusively. Selected questions will also be tweeted to Kim kardashian 3 millions dollar followers, making the question askers instant Twitter celebrities!

Besides following Kim kardashian latest tweets, you can catch up on the latest Kim Kardashian videos and pictures even locate your closest Sephora to find her new perfume.

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