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Is Nicole Richie Pragnant?

Is Nicole's pregnant?!
I shuttered at the image of my stick thin Nicole richie walking around barefoot pregnant, serving fried eggs to Joel Madden, but now I think that I'm just going to have to get over it!
Not only have these rumors been building up like crazy, but now there a huge of chunk diamond on her ring finger, she's turning down alcohol AND her belly has seemingly has been getting larger. On top of all that, Joel Madden has been extra attentive to her, calling her very frequently from tour and spending as much time with nicole richie as possible when he can. Another non-Nicole things that been going on is she is VERY MUCH avoiding the paparazi! She's even covering her belly up and wearing looose clothing.
No alcohol, some sort of weight gain, looose clothing, avoiding the paparazzi- this doesn't sounds like Nicole's AT ALL!
Nicole's recently underwent a series of test, including blood and urine screenings, reports Life and Styles, which report thats the tests “confirmed that nicole richie is pregnant.”
nicole Richie's rep didn't respond to request for comment from either L&S or The Scoop, but on May thirty, the stars was photographed at a reproductive clinic, and the mag quotes an "insider" as saying, "Nicole richie,'' determined to get healthy for her own sake and the baby's.

Joel and Nicole richie aren't confirming anything until she's 12 weeks or more. The baby was not a total accident, they are in a serious relationship and definitely want to get married eventually.
Nicole richie thought it would be a good time to get pregnant -- since her trial for DUI is coming up, she wanted to prove that she was 100% clean. Of course, the reason for her getting pregnant was not to get out of jail. nicole's and Joel are very very happy. Every time I talk to him, he sounds less like the punk rebel he used to be, and like a family man.

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