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Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 3-D

Justin Bieber,'' Never Say Never 3-D is uninspiring the true story of a semi'' talented, good-looking kid from Ontario who reaches his dreams, ending on a high of 3-D ticker tape and the glowsticks at a sold-out tween-engulfed Madison Square Garden.
I really really wanted to like this film. I wanted to become a "Belieber", and in the first 5 minutes I was almost sold. The clothes, the face, the hair and the hair flick all held promise of taking me back to adolescent heartfelt hysteria for a spell.
The only problem being that I am no longer an adolescent, and I suffered a headache from the screeching.
Never Say Never is perfect for the justin Bieber fan.It is a bit of harmless, soulless fun, including plenty of marketable bubble gum and eye-candy for his fans, who will no doubt feel embarrassed about their reactions in a couple of years once their taste is more refined.
 Justin Bieber clearly has a lot of love for his swarm and a lot more for himself. He shows very little emotions, and the film in general was very emotionally empty.
Drama abounds, albeit in the form of Justin Bieber giving money to a busker, hitting himself in the head with a yo-yo or suffering from a sore throat.
The 3-D effects added very little to the "documentary", but possibly enticed more people to go, adding more money'' to the box office, which was no doubt the motive behind the film. The effects were enough to keep me entertained sometimes, and by sometimes I mean not very often.
If you're 12, this movie will be pure awesomeness, but if you're not, bring cotton wool. Parents, if you don't mind feeding Bieber mania, give your daughter some money for a ticket and throw in some glowsticks – they may just be more memorable and longer-lasting than Bieber fever.
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