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Cannes Film Festival Bright Dresses = Wedding ideas

Where to find the image of 'the very' wedding dress ? Someone remembers childhood dream, someone listens to my mother, and fashionista certainly know that the best dress you can peek at the stars at any festive event. In May 2011 Cannes Film Festival was held at which many stars have chosen white and bright dresses, and all these outfits are worthy to become wedding.

For example, a Versace dress with Uma Thurman- a stunning dress trimmed with feathers. It's not just clothes - it's a dream!

Nail Art Collection 2011

If you think Nail art is just Painting your Nails in Different Shades and Colors, then its a time to update your knowledge. Today, nail art is an another form of art where one can show his/her creativity. Check these Photos. you must like it more picture.

Nail Amour

Flower Rings Collection

Ring _an indispensable accessory of every modern fashionista. And it is not necessary that it be made ​​of precious metals or decorated with precious stones, it is enough that it was stylish and gave an additional charm and a special flawer to your unique image and style. In this publication I picked up the ring for you in the form of roses. I love the floral theme in clothing and accessories, I think it gives the image of a particular femininity and flirtation. Below represent the best estimate and original rings ...

Vintage Chandelier Earrings

These beautiful stunning chandelier-style earrings are the perfect touch of  Hollywood style. Deep scarlet red with just a touch of irisdescence'' the colors will truly make you swoon. Inspired by vintage style, the delicate filigree and faceted stones will sparkle with every movement. Wear them with a simple French twist or chignon to really turn heads.

Kate Middleton Childhood Photos

Princess of Britain Kate Middleton, did not hide from the public. She recently posted on her official website a portion of children photos.

3D Art Painting Nails

Nail design - it's art of the present, compare that in our time you can only to that of the painting, so whimsical and graceful sometimes art full patterns. Most simple painting nails you can do yourself, using a variety of labels for the design and rhinestones, which are sold in stores cosmetics. "carve" is a masterpiece or surround design only by professionals, but usually these delights are not suitable for everyday life, but rather for what - or celebrations or special occasions.

Angelina Jolie Hairstyles of 2011

Beautiful Angelina Jolie = star of world size, look perfect, always and everywhere' her duty and responsibility. For this, and love her millions of devoted fans around the world. There can be little things, Every detail is important: shoes,clothes,dresses, hairstyles,makeup and accessories. Everything must be perfect.

Jewellery Design Ideas

These gallery designs have been pulled together for Fun, and Ideas. They show a variety of designs using Beads, Jewellery Stringing materials,various Jewelry Findings, Wires, etc.

Emilio Pucci Fringed Suede Shoulder HandBag

 This Fringed Suede Shoulder Bag by Emilio Pucci. "Emilio Pucci'' brand throughout life was typical of surprise unusual designs and bright colors.This new Emilio Pucci certainly be appreciated by fans of hippie style, as yet another brilliant piece of it is expressive long fringe.It is worth the novelty of Italian fashion house is $ 1705.

Paris Hilton Without Makeup

Journalists and Paris Hilton fans were surprised. Writes talks paparazzi socialite waylaid in a shop in Los Angeles, where she went in before Christmas. The photos themselves and who have seen photos of fans were shocked by this image of an idol.

The girl decided to go shopping, prepare for the holidays and do not overload your skin once again a ton of makeup and give it a rest. And then it "caught" and showed the whole world looks like 29-year-old star, on which no labor stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists.

And how does she look like? Like a normal girl without any makeup. Not bright and not gray, not pretty and not scary - totally normal.

Clutch Handbags from Mulberry Alexa

Mulberry Alexa presents us with its 2011 new collection of clutch handbags. Beautiful bag with leopard print in pink,blue,black,yellow, beige, brown.etc. The cost of the line is quite reasonable, given the perfect design, style and quality fashion bags.


Clutch bags are suitable for both casual and formal events.

 Mulberry Alexa New Handbags Collection 2011

 Mulberry Alexa New Handbags Collection 2011
 Mulberry Alexa New Handbags Collection 2011
 Mulberry Alexa New Handbags Collection 2011

Mulberry Alexa New Handbags Collection 2011

                                      Mulberry Alexa New Handbags Collection 2011

Paris Hilton Dresses

 Luxury blonde Paris Hilton released from the mass of the same beautiful, like her, not only for its multi-million-dollar fortune'' but also virtually impeccable taste in clothes. Outfits young socialite different brightness and femininity. Let's consider them in more detail.

Paris Hilton Is always ready to try on the new images. About it even goes a peculiar anecdote: a friend of her fashion magazine editor for fun decided to count the dresses in the wardrobe of a dimension, which were purchased during the period from 2006 to 2008, what was his surprise when he found about 5 thousand items of clothing, not except shoes. Shoes, incidentally, are a real fetish Paris.

Of course, Paris Hilton - notable person, and she chooses the same noticeable outfits. Most often, a rich heiress can be seen in the charming colored dresses, which are present in her dressing room in huge quantities. Paris Hilton knows that her suit with light colors, so do not hesitate to choose things light green,Yellow, Blue, White, Pink and other bright shades . Not been deprived his attention she and clothes black. Most often in the dark sets she appears at parties. In everyday life, she likes to combine bright dresses with black Tights and the same black accessories.

About your favorite looks that in dresses Paris is uncertain, because she prefers to change their images. Fashion - this is her main passion. And it does not matter whether the ordinary dress short or very long. The main thing for beauty, that it is relevant in this season and came up under tsvetotip her face. It is noteworthy that the figure of a famous person can wear almost any model clothes.

Paris Hilton and refuses to business attire, the combination of white and black. I must admit that the classic things to her face, especially when they are supplemented with original accessories. By the way, if you look at some Paris Hilton photos, you may notice that your favorite decorations, complementary outfits Paris, are the rims. Thin and thick, with bows and without - rims and tiny hats are present in the locker room heiress in a large quantity. Above all, the queen of partying likes to decorate your images , fashion sunglasses,
jewelry and elegant handbags.

 Paris Hilton Black Dress

 Paris Hilton Blue Dress

 Paris Hilton In Short White Dress

 Paris Hilton Summer Dress

 Paris Hilton Green Summer Dress

 Paris Hilton In White Gown

 Paris Hilton Pink Summer Dress

 Paris Hilton Purple Funky Dress

 Paris Hilton Red Carpet Dress

 Paris Hilton Yellow Dress

Star Hairstyles: step hairstyles for long hair

Stepped multi_layered haircuts are very popular among Hollywood stars. This is not surprising, because the bulk-cascading-hairstyle with streaks of different lengths wonderful look and allow us to demonstrate luxurious-curls-fashion celebrity in all its glory.
Demi LovatoTem more that there are many possible variants of packings for similar haircuts. And if you're not a supporter of radical change on its head, this option is perfect for you. However, despite the fact that the long-flowing-curls look very feminine and sensual, they require considerable care and patience.
If you are owner of long hair, it is important to monitor their moisture and to always use the air conditioners and balms that hair glistened and were healthy and well-groomed appearance. Find some interesting ideas for laying such a hairstyle you can, if we turn his attention to fashion-icons of Hollywood. Many of them prefer the multi-step-cutting, as it allows to show the texture of hair and get rid of split ends, besides those haircuts look simply amazing on long hair. But do not forget that the hair must be frequently adjusted and cared for the form, which you need to regularly visit a barber.
This season, cascading hairstyle is still at the peak of his popularity, so you can safely stock up on trendy ideas and go to the stylist. Shortened strands framing the face - this is an excellent way to soften facial features and visually lengthen it. Those who seek to look no worse than the stars on the red carpet, may adopt some tricks to create a fashionable sexual pilings. If, for any of the presented examples will impress you, you may consult further with his master and asked to repeat the styling. Asymmetrical haircuts always add hair lightness and playfulness. Just add a little volume to your hair, lifting hair at the roots with a special varnish strong hold, and you'll look stunning. Also, if you want to do without a trip to the barber and styling do at home, all at your fingertips. In order to obtain three-dimensional wavy hair like Hollywood stars, just a twist when drying your hair in two tow and dry them in this way, then apply a special foam for fixing or mousse, and may at some time to fix harness pins on the head. When you dissolve the hair, a little beat them at the roots and use the nail strong hold, and you're ready to go!

 Monica Cruz                                        Lacey Schwimmer

                             Ashley Greene                                                Jennifer Eniton

                                   Lisa Origliasso                                             B.C Jean

Going to a party and want to look amazing? Try the volume light installation with wavy curls or smooth likesilk ultraseksualnye hair like Kim Kardashian, in any case, you will make a lasting impression. As an example, can take the options pilingst , Demi Lovato, Jennifer Love Hewit and Heidi-Montag. Make the image more interesting, you will bang. Try a forward multi-layered bangs to look fresh and innocent, or if you are a supporter of symmetry in all things, can stay on the straight bangs slightly covering the eyes, which also looks very stylish and sexy. Of course, we should not forget that the hair and makeup should be in harmony with each other.

                                 Fayvel Stewart                                       Kim Kardashian

     Heidi-Montag                  Jennifer-Love-Hewitt

Paris Hilton Popular Hairstyles of 2011

Paris Hilton is a famous, fashionable and party girl who always keeps up with fashion, aware of all the fashion trends in clothing and hairstyles. It is often at various events and parties'' so it makes the most hairstyles are different, but always hip and trendy.

But experimenting with hair color she likes, basically we know it blonde. Most often, it prefers long hair beautifully arranged, even though she was, and with a short haircut, which was also her very much to face.

Hairstyles for special occasions Paris Hilton: it makes the most different and simply beautiful curls m asymmetric bangs and fluffy curls in the style of a hippie, and a variety of braids and cords, as well as trendy this season ponytail. No less original and beautiful for her updo.

In most cases, this elegant styling with side bangs or without bangs.

 Paris Hilton Hairstyle Of 2011

 Paris Hilton Funky Hairstyle

Paris  Hilton Blonde Hairstyle

 Paris Hilton Blonde Hairstyle Of 2011

 Paris Hilton Blonde Haircut

Paris Hilton Straight Hairstyle

 Paris Hilton Curls Haircut Style

 Paris Hilton Wavy And Straight hairstyle

Paris Hilton Wavy Hairstyle