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Kate Midddleton Wedding Dress

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Dress in which the newly formed Princess Catherine Elizabeth ''Kate Middleton'' will be at the wedding was kept a closely guarded secret until the ceremony itself. Paparazzi tried to bribe the concerned officials, and even, say, rummaging in bins in search of scraps of fabric, but a secret and remained secret until the end.

| Kate Middleton Marriage Ceremony |

Designer wedding dress made by Sarah Kate Burton of fashion house of Alexander McQueen. As predicted connoisseurs of fashion, the newly formed Duchess of Cambridge has chosen a style that accentuates her magnificent figure: a lace top with long sleeves and slightly flared bottom - an exquisite wedding dress of cream colored. Plume in comparison with the dress Princess Diana's fairly short, but quite enough to blend in with the proportions of the abbey. Before the wedding, it was reported that the bride wanted to decorate their hair with flowers, but the final choice was a diamond tiara. 

|Kate Middleton Cream Colored Wedding Dress  |

 The young princess made the right decision. The dress - a very simple and elegant. Without unnecessary frills, ruff and rhinestones. Restrained, but incredibly feminine. As middleton's herself. Dress emphasized her subtlety and fragility, with determination and loyalty to tradition.Fashion observers have issued their reactions to the bride's dress. Jess Karner Morley from the Guardian said that the choice of style of Sarah Burton is supported by the British fashion. And according to the expert Harriet Quick of the fashion magazine Vogue'' wedding dress for the Duchess of Cambridge returns to the era of Grace Kelly. It's amazing beauty, restraint and modesty" - thinks Harriet - Sarah Burton has created a splendid attire, complete with a very simple veil. "Experts predict that as the exclusive boutiques for brides and clothing stores in the near future will create a huge number of options and copies of the wedding dress of the Duchess.

 | Kate Middleton Wedding Dress |

Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton Royal Wedding

|  Prince William And Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton Kissing |

 Prince William And Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton ,relationship of 8 years Culminating in a royal wedding, united kingdom ( U.K ) prince william will marry his girlfriend, Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton,april 29 ( 2011 ), all in the world is eager to see the biggest Royal wedding of all time.it is estimated that total that expenditure will be more than 50$ million and some of the costs woll be covered by the royal faimly.but most likely will cost the British Tax payer more than $ 20,000,000.

| Kate Middleton and Prince William Marriage Ceremony |

Many people have already planned a Trip to ( United Kingdom ) to attend This Great event. I'll stick to My Tv to watch closely the Live Broadcast there are some Things i have in mind that i do not want to Miss.I'm sure all rejoice with the bride's wedding dress stunning.even if u still do not know which designers will invited to dress in Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton, i am sure the dress will be most Catchy.at the point of view of many planners,"Kate" Middleton would have gone for something very simple,because it is his hair style.however, Since this Marriage will be a Historic moment for the Royal faimly, i think that the suit should be enough to take particular account of history.

 | Royal Family Official Church |

and 'Certain  that the Royal wedding take place in the Official Church ,including west minster abbey.the center can accommodate 2,000 people, princess fergie and the monarchies of Holland , Romania, Norway,Belgium, Spain, Sweden and Denmark have confirmed their presence.everyone is curious to know if the faimly of Princess Diana will be invited.once again,we are also guessing that names of celebrities' will appear on the guest list.what's next after the ceremony. if everything is done the traditional way,the new couple will make their way through parliament square.white Hall, horse guards parade and the Mall.she will then travel to Buckinggham place,where the Bride and Groom are expected to great the audience from the Balcony. i think the time is more Valuable because it is the same Balcony where the parents of  Prince william.Prince Charles and Princess Diana embraced in ( 1981 ). history repeats itself after Thirty years!

Britney Spears without Makeup | 2011 |

Britney Spears is almost the most famous singer of our time. She began her work has a pop in the nineties and to this day makes us happy with his new creative achievements. Beautiful concerts, spectacular costumes and, of course, a charming appearance. Yesterday a teenage girl has now become an attractive woman. And no matter what, the fans love her and try to be like her.
It is well built and has a sports figure. Even after a long hiatus in her career she was able to buy its former shape and prove to everyone that will always remain attractive. However, the hype around this young woman never ceases, and the Internet are often flash "shocking" photos of her participation. What is depicted on them? And they depict Britney Spears, only without the makeup. And oh, horror! There is nothing to worry about. Nature endowed Britney good looks, which even the stylists do not dare to change much. You could not help noticing that almost all the photographs she is depicted with the most natural makeup. So what changes when she takes it? Nothing. Well, yes, the eyes have not summed up in pencil. Yes, there is no foundation on his face. But this did not detract from its appeal.
So do not listen to the not very cleanly journalists and illiterates photographers who simply can not hold a camera in his hands. If you like her writing, if you get the pleasure of her performances on stage, then, believe in the word, you will not care to have her make-up or not.

kim kardashian Without Makeup

Everybody knows about Kim Kardashian.She is Gorgeous Hollywood Model and Actress.its true Hollywood Industry gives fame to the people who are working for it. That makes them more gorgeous especially on the screen. But if we look at the star in their real life we will find that they are not that much extra ordinary this is only makeup that is making them looking Gorgeous Beautiful fabulous and hot. Kim Kardashian is not so beautiful without makeup and looking completely natural.Kim Kardashian which is known worldwide because of her elegance, screwed up when she left the house without any make-up, without having her hair done and dressed very casually.However, we must be honest and admit that, even without make-up, Kim Kardashian manages to look allright, much better than a lot of women. Let have look at some pictures of  Kim kardashian that proves that Gorgeous Kim kardashian is not so bad in her real life.Read More.

Princess Kate Middleton without makeup

Everyone know about Princess Kate Middleton she is the future Princess today we posted about his beauty without makeup.Princess Kate Middleton is a Natural Beauty women and she’s often seen without wearing any makeup. That’s how you know a woman is pretty. It’s all about how good she looks when she’s not dolled up.look at all picture of kate middleton without makeup.You must like it all these photos.give your comments about his beauty wihtout makeup

 Princess Kate Middleton Without makeup

Disney Channel Star Selena Gomez Pictures of 2011

 Selena Gomez pictures of 2011 and some biography of  Selena Gomez Hollywood Disney star who born on 22 July 1992 in the city of USA New York City raised in Grand Prairie, Texas. Selena Gomez height is 5 feet 5 (165 cm), Selena Gomez the teen pop who stars as Alex Russo on the Disney Channel Original Series, Wizards of Waverly Place,Selena Gomez is also a singer, Selena Gomez is the only child and she is of Mexican and Italian heritage in the world. Her first role was on Barney & Friends as Gianna. Selena Gomez was discovered by Disney in a nation wide Disney talent search when she was 10 years old. And then Selena Gomez makes YouTube videos with fellow Barney & Friends actress Demi Lovato, who says they have been friends since the Barney auditions and now see the beautiful gallery of Selena Gomez.here is some pictures of selena gomez of 2011 ,we sure you must like all.

Colombian | Singer Shakira | hairstyles for 2011~~

Most attractive And Beautiful Singer Shakira,( Shakira ) is the Most successful Singer,she is the is at two-time Grammy Award and eight time'' Latin Grammy Award-winning,shakira is Colombian singer,songwriter,musician,dancer and record producer who has been a major figure in the pop music of Latin America since the mid- 1990s. In 2001, she broke through the English-speaking market with the release of her first album in that language, Laundry Service.

She is infamous for her blonde mane, which she often curls and leaves free flowing. If you love long stragiht hair, then look to Shakira for your prom hairstyle this year. We,ve put together some of her best hairstyles of 2011 .look shakira straight hair she is looking gorgeous,we provide some pictures of shakira hairstyles We,sure that you like them all.

Jessica | ann |simpson | 2011

 Jessica Ann Simpson born ( 10 july 1980 ), jessica ann simpson  is an American actress, singer, television personality and a fashion designer whose rise to fame began in 1999. Since that time, Jessica ann Simpson has achieved many recording milestones, starred in several television Show, Movies, and commercials, launched a line of  designed fragrances,hair and beauty products,shoes, and handbags for women. She has devoted time to philanthropic efforts including Operation Smile and a USO-hosted tour for troops stationed overseas.More Detail .....!

shakira'' without Make up~in~2011!~

Thank you for Visiting Fanpixx.blogspot.com, today we posted about Shakira wihout makeup it is true that, Hollywood Industry gives fame to the people who are working for it. That makes them more beautiful and gorgeous especially on the screen. But if we look at the star in their real life we will find that they are not that much extra ordinary this is only makeup that is making them looking Gorgeous hot and fabulous. Let have look at some pictures of ( singer ) Shakira that proves that Shakira is not bad in her real life.give your comments about it. ( Regards By funnpixx )

Orignals Adidas Concord Night Shoes

The adidas Concord makes a Grand comeback with this feminine 'night'' Silhouette.These Orignals adidas  Concord Night shoes feature a low-cut foiled metallic Leather upper with patent 3-Stripes and a glittery'; fashion-inspired bow. Here, are silver and red shoes And with a face like these, watch out, there will be a lot envy views aimed on your direction. But you will have to sacrifice about 60$ for that.

Adidas Orignals Concord Tound w Night Shoes

Adidas Orignals Concord Tound w Night Shoes

Adidas Orignals Concord Tound w Night red  Shoes

Prince William and beautiful Kate Middleton to marry on 29th april 2011

Prince William and his fiance Kate Middleton, who announced their engagement last month, will get married on Friday 29th April, it was announced Tuesday.
The couple -both 28- have chosen Westminster Abbey in the spring for the location of their big day.
St James’s Palace sources ruled out any date before Tuesday 26 April  because of Lent and Bank Holidays, according to British tabloid the sun.
Downing Street announced today workers will get an extra day off for the nuptials, which will follow the Easter Monday Bank Holiday on 25 April.
Prince William and Kate middleton were not in London as the details were confirmed.
He is shift on a RAF search and rescue pilot in Anglesey,North Wales.
She is expected to return from Wales to her family home in Bucklebury, Berks, later today.
The couple spent yesterday at their isolated farmhouse in Anglesey.
prince william and Kate middleton both view this process rather like tooth extraction,” said one royal insider. “They want to get back to a life of relative normality as soon as possible to ‘get it over with and get back to our quiet life’, which is sweet but unrealistic.
“They know what they want.”
Recent reports claimed the nuptials will cost the British taxpayer around $20m.
“When all is said and done, this wedding will likely cost the British taxpayers over $20 million,” a source said.It will be the biggest wedding of all time, even bigger than William’s mum, Diana’s _and the price will be bigger, too.“You really can’t compare this wedding to any other celebrity’s.
“The only other couple in the world that might even come close is if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married, but even then this will be bigger.”
Kate Middleton was recently assigned a pair of female detective that’ll cost around $300,000 a year.
“Kate Midlleton now has two female detectives rotating shifts with her 24/7,” a source said.
“They are like the British version of Cagney and Lacey. Two of the finest officers in the force who will not only protect the future princess but have also been trained to blend in.
“Kate Middleton has gone from being a ordinary citizen to one of the most high profile people in the Whole world.
There are a lot of  bad people in this world and unfortunately Kate Middleton is now at the top of their list. No expensive will be spared to keep her safe.
“It is worth every penny. This is a future Queen of England we are talking about. I hope the poor girl knew what she was getting into.

Miley Cyrus New Fashion Styles of 2011

Miley Cyrus is well known for her talent as a singer,performer and actor, being a muse for teen agers around the Whole world. A child who grew up in the spotlight,Miley Cyrus managed to build her career slowly juggling her music career with acting and now a days it seems that her main focus is music and it shows.
Because time is passing and Miley Cyrus is turning into a gorgeous young Beautiful woman, her fashion styles  changed and it seems everyone noticed and Everyone was shocked to see her fashion style.Cyrus’s '' new fashion style is more feminine, and more revealing than it used to be, but that doesn’t mean she looks inappropriate.Being in the entertainment business involves adapting yourself to the new trends and stage outfits are stage Outfits as they are meant to be a part of the show put together by the artist. Miley stage outfits moved up one level and she now adopts more revealing outfits, Clothes which enhance her femininity and which state she is not a child anymore. This gorgeous young Beautiful and Pretty woman loves fashion and this shows.

Miley Cyrus, likes to be unique and wears Outfits which suit her personality.With a little bit of rock-chic influences, her casual, street Outfits make her look amazing while still underlining her femininity.Mixing and matching seems to be a piece-of-cake for her as, She manages to pull off some of the coolest Outfits.She has  developed well sense of fashion.Her cowboy boots are a huge part of her Outfits and we love how she manages to incorporate them into her stylish Outfits.Tight fitting jeans,Cute summer dresses, and tight or baggy shirts paired with cowboy boots suit her perfectly and create a very very inspirational looks.              

When it comes to Formal occasions cyrus,''s seems to turn towards Fabulous dresses and gowns which make her stand out. Depending on the occasion Miley Cyrus likes to choose, elegant pencil,short tight fitting dresses,cut dresses and fabulous elegant gowns adorned with different details which helps to create a unique looks. Regardless of the dress style she decides for Cyrus,'s looks elegant and still manages to maintain a little bit of her rock chic attitude. Never too revealing at formal occasions,Cyrus,'s can definitely be considered a great fashion muse.Her stage Outfits adapt to the music and Miley Cyrus,'s tries to be inventive with her shows, this is why now a days her stage Outfits are much more revealing than they used to be. Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, set some new trends when it comes to stage Outfits and entertainment and this seems to have influences over many artists. Miley’s Cyrus new stage Outfits reveal more skin than before and this seems to have caused a great amount of controversies. Check out her fabulous leotard, tummy revealing shirts and faboulous shorts and decide for yourself if this style suits Miley cyrus.!!

Spring Summer season skirt and jeans collection of 2011

Spring Summer season jeans and skirt

Spring Summer season jeans and skirt

Kate Middleton & Prince William~Royal~Engagement~portrait''

Kate Middleton And Prince William Royal Engagement portrait

Kate Middleton And Prince William Royal Engagement portrait

Fruit Nail Art designs for Spring summer collection 2011

 Everyone eat fruits for energy, you are amazed to know that some use it for art design, yah'' some art designer use it to decorate their kitchen or dining table even their nails. Here really gorgeous examples of fruit nail art is presents, Artist always think to do something special,'' something new in this world, and every time they amazed us by their creative work.here are some of the beautiful Fruit Nail Art designs for spring summer collection 2011.

    Strawberry nail art

   Apple Nail Art

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 3-D

Justin Bieber,'' Never Say Never 3-D is uninspiring the true story of a semi'' talented, good-looking kid from Ontario who reaches his dreams, ending on a high of 3-D ticker tape and the glowsticks at a sold-out tween-engulfed Madison Square Garden.
I really really wanted to like this film. I wanted to become a "Belieber", and in the first 5 minutes I was almost sold. The clothes, the face, the hair and the hair flick all held promise of taking me back to adolescent heartfelt hysteria for a spell.
The only problem being that I am no longer an adolescent, and I suffered a headache from the screeching.
Never Say Never is perfect for the justin Bieber fan.It is a bit of harmless, soulless fun, including plenty of marketable bubble gum and eye-candy for his fans, who will no doubt feel embarrassed about their reactions in a couple of years once their taste is more refined.
 Justin Bieber clearly has a lot of love for his swarm and a lot more for himself. He shows very little emotions, and the film in general was very emotionally empty.
Drama abounds, albeit in the form of Justin Bieber giving money to a busker, hitting himself in the head with a yo-yo or suffering from a sore throat.
The 3-D effects added very little to the "documentary", but possibly enticed more people to go, adding more money'' to the box office, which was no doubt the motive behind the film. The effects were enough to keep me entertained sometimes, and by sometimes I mean not very often.
If you're 12, this movie will be pure awesomeness, but if you're not, bring cotton wool. Parents, if you don't mind feeding Bieber mania, give your daughter some money for a ticket and throw in some glowsticks – they may just be more memorable and longer-lasting than Bieber fever.

Miley Cyrus Not Touring To United States

Although Miley Cyrus will soon take her Gypsy Heart Tour to Australia, Miley cyrus recently revealed that she won't be touring the United States ( U.S.A ) since miley isn’t feeling loved in the U.S. at the moment.
According to Huffington Post,Cyrus won't be touring the United States of America with her Gypsy Heart Tour since Cyrus feels more comfortable on the road for international dates and doesn’t feel too much love in her home country. Ahead of the Gypsy Heart Tour, which kicks off on 27th April in Australia, miley explained why she won’t tour in America.
"I think, right now America,'' has gotten to a place where I don't know if they want me to tour or not, admitted Miley Cyrus. "Right now I just want to go to the places where I am getting the most love and Australia and South America have done that for me." Miley Cyrus elaborated that she is keen on playing show at the places where Miley Cyrus gets the most love, but doesn't want to play where she feel uncomfortable."
Should Miley's bring her Gypsy Heart Tour to the U.S.?

 Miley Cyrus

Princess Kate Middleton

Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton was ( born  January 9 ) (1982) is the fiancĂ©e, of Prince William of Wales. Since their ''relationship'' began,Kate Middleton has received widespread media attention and there was much s''peculation, that they would eventually marry. On 16th November 2010, the office of the Prince of Wales at Clarence, House announced their ''engagement. On November 23th, it was announced the wedding will take place on 29th April 2011 at Westminster Abbey, with the day declared a bank holiday in the UK.
Kate Middleton grew up in Berkshire and, after attending Marlborough College, went to the University of St Andrews, where she met Prince William, also studying there, in 2001. They started a relationship, followed by media attention, triggering complaints by Kate Middleton that the media were harassing her. In 2007, the press reported that Prince William and Kate Middleton had splited up. They continued to be friends, and later in 2007 they reunited. Since then,Kate Middleton has attended many high-profile royal events. She has been admired for her Great fashion sense and has been placed on numerous ''best dressed,

Princess Kate Middleton

Princess Kate Middleton

Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson was born on March 29th, 1963 in Sydney,Australia, New South Wales.Elle was part of the 1980's supermodel surge along with  Christy Turlington,Linda Evangelista, Paulina Porizkova ,Naomi Campbell, and Cindy Crawford.Today she runs her own businesses and is still a knock out.His hair color is Light Brown and eye color is brown and his dress size is  ( (US) 6; (EU) 36 ) .

 Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson