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Trendy short hairstyles of celebrities

Short haircuts do not lose their popularity. Here's the season of 2011'' did not in this respect no exception. Trendy short hairstyles can be seen from many celebrities. What dictates the modern fashion hairstyles'' Firstly, it does not necessarily need to be super short haircuts. This season, the actual hair; midi-length.

 These hairstyles give more scope for laying and easier to choose a form that accentuate facial features. Shorthaircuts are also relevant. However,by choosing a short hairstyle ,it is important not to be mistaken with its shape ,as an unsuccessful short haircut is capable impersonal even most expressive facial features .

 Among the fashionable trends of this season;s fashionable to identify asymmetry, slanting bangs, uneven bottom line. Medium length  wavy hair relevant, although smooth hair short also in vogue.

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