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Paris Hilton Popular Hairstyles of 2011

Paris Hilton is a famous, fashionable and party girl who always keeps up with fashion, aware of all the fashion trends in clothing and hairstyles. It is often at various events and parties'' so it makes the most hairstyles are different, but always hip and trendy.

But experimenting with hair color she likes, basically we know it blonde. Most often, it prefers long hair beautifully arranged, even though she was, and with a short haircut, which was also her very much to face.

Hairstyles for special occasions Paris Hilton: it makes the most different and simply beautiful curls m asymmetric bangs and fluffy curls in the style of a hippie, and a variety of braids and cords, as well as trendy this season ponytail. No less original and beautiful for her updo.

In most cases, this elegant styling with side bangs or without bangs.

 Paris Hilton Hairstyle Of 2011

 Paris Hilton Funky Hairstyle

Paris  Hilton Blonde Hairstyle

 Paris Hilton Blonde Hairstyle Of 2011

 Paris Hilton Blonde Haircut

Paris Hilton Straight Hairstyle

 Paris Hilton Curls Haircut Style

 Paris Hilton Wavy And Straight hairstyle

Paris Hilton Wavy Hairstyle

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