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Cannes Film Festival Bright Dresses = Wedding ideas

Where to find the image of 'the very' wedding dress ? Someone remembers childhood dream, someone listens to my mother, and fashionista certainly know that the best dress you can peek at the stars at any festive event. In May 2011 Cannes Film Festival was held at which many stars have chosen white and bright dresses, and all these outfits are worthy to become wedding.

For example, a Versace dress with Uma Thurman- a stunning dress trimmed with feathers. It's not just clothes - it's a dream!


Gray dress Salma Hayek from Gucci Premiere too can enjoy the trendy bride, because the modern wedding gown is not just white.

 For vintage style can become the basis of short Balenciaga dress like Alexa Chung.

 Attire Hofit Golan  as if he were selected in a fashionable bridal salon: light ruffles, a beautiful trail and pure white. Lacks only the veil.
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