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Angelina Jolie Without Makeup

Angelina Jolie is probably the most glamorous woman in the Whole world. ''her hair and face make men tremble and women envy. Even those individuals who claim that the exterior of the Hollywood actress does not cause them concern, yet little cunning.Always walked and will walk the talk about how she manages to keep fit and look so fresh and appealing. But most of all the rumors cause her face, and in particular ''the lips.Angelina Jolie's lips incredibly plump and attractive. And contrary to many rumors, they have it entirely their own, natural. In their make-up, it really does not evolve, but it does not prevent it from being the brightest. By the way, Angelina Jolie herself believes that women should be all natural and does not like to paint too intense.

She argues that with proper care of their appearance does not need makeup. Every woman is beautiful in its own way, just need to find the coveted Key, who will make her a beauty queen.In general, the exterior of the actress without makeup does not differ from the face overlaid with a make-up: the same full lips natural shade, the same aristocratic, fair skin, those same big beautiful eyes. Even without makeup she is beautiful. And all because a feature her make-APA is a maximum proximity to the natural shades. You will not find a beautician in her scarlet lipstick and green shades. Absolutely all cosmetics build on the striking individuality of Angelina Jolie. And this individuality can only stress, but in any case not overshadow.


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