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Adidas Bags: comfort and style in one accessory

With the increasing attention of many fashion designers to the sporting style of the acquisition of appropriate accessories, it turned out more than ever topical. Sports style, becoming one of the major trends in the fashion collections in autumn-winter 2011, successfully embodied not only in dress but in the stylish accessories that combined the beauty and extreme practicality. Perhaps the best specimens of sports = style shows in the fall collections of famous sports brand Adidas_ Handbags, which were the basis of new collections, as well complement the wardrobe fans of sports style, and those who prefer to follow their style casual.
Long past the time when the sports brands synonymous with clothing and accessories for professional sports, and new collections Adidas - another confirmation of this. In addition to a completely practical backpacks and sports bags, famous brand manufactures and accessories worthy complement casual-wardrobe this fall. Of course, evening clutches or business leather bags in stores to find the Adidas not at all desire, but accessories, combining elements of sports style design with the youth, certainly attract the attention of most fans of a democratic fashion.

                                                                                                                Bags for Sports
Despite the cooperation with Adidas famous fashion designers - which include Stella McCartney and Yohji Yamamoto, regularly presenting to the brand new fashion collections - the main direction of the collections Adidas remains clothing and accessories for the sport. Sports accessories dominate in the new autumn collections brand, is now available.
For example, a variety of sports accessories for the coming autumn expanded Stella McCartney, recently presented another collection for Adidas. New models from British designer intended primarily for women who pay part of his day trip to the gym or other forms of physical activity: a comfortable, practical bag sizes large enough to store sports apparel and footwear. However, despite the impressive sizes, accessories Stella McCartney for Adidas does not look any cumbersome: compact models combined with the traditional black and white colors and stylish sport details.In addition, new collections of Adidas can be found most that neither is a key accessory for fans of an active lifestyle and sports - a variety of sport backpacks, attracting bright colorful details: trim neon yellow, pink, bright blue is combined with a basic black color compact backpacks.
Bags for casual-wardrobe

In keeping with one of the most notable trends of the new fall season, brought the popularity of a bright graphic prints, based casual-design accessories from Adidas in a new collection of jewelry has a variety of prints. Stylish compact backpacks in youth style attracted the attention of ironic applications, unusual patterns and vivid abstract and graphic prints. With a backpack and you can go to the gym (despite the apparent compactness, the model can accommodate quite a number of things, and even more so - a form for sports), and somewhere in the great outdoors.Finally, special attention should be given a new Y-3 collection for Adidas, provided the master of Japanese avant-garde - designer Yohji Yamamoto  It is in this collection are a combination of style, practicality and low price reaches a perfect balance. Bags for this fall from Yamamoto and Adidas - are models of luxury leather that combine the rigor and conciseness in black with unusual designs and shapes. Some of the accessories - the classic square or rectangular in shape with short handles - perfectly suited to the role of everyday bags by the cool design and spacious dimensions, and others - with a long, shoulder, strap - can successfully play the role of complement formal clothes in casual-style.
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