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Fashion belts and belt

Time - a special women's accessory that can skill-fully hide figure flaws, or conversely to draw attention to the merits of the figure. In that case, if a bit too big clothes, these problems can be solved skillfully picked up the belt. Well, if the dress seems too monotonous, then refresh the image, too, will belt strap or elegant. 

Almost all of the belt can be divided into several types:

  • Belt-"folk" that is painted with brushes, folk motifs, and even crocheted;
  • Double-triple belt - narrow belts in several layers one above the other; 
  • Not so long ago entered into vogue wrestling belt - wide in the middle and tapered at the ends with a clasp on the back;
  • Girdle, which is a large width and go from the waist to the chest. 

These models are transformed into a classic - updated and always "in the subject." 

A characteristic feature of collections of belts of the 2010 season is the emphasis on natural materials, namely, leather trim with metal, plastic or textiles. 
Spring-summer series of these accessories will not disturb its brightness and color saturation, because the emphasis is on originality. Just above the waist or hips almost - as designers play belts and straps, making the image of individuality.
And who said that the belt is fastened standard? Why would not it end kink coquettishly, as suggested by the designer Malene Birger ? 

  • Dolce & Gabbana remain true to yourself - viva, femininity! And no leather with straps and metal soldiers.Confined to a fanciful view of Bantu at the waist, the men will appreciate the elegance without unnecessary frills. 

  • Couturier Fendi this year have gone a different way: why the belt wraps around the waist once? And if, for example, two? Narrowing its width to a minimum, they have increased the number of "rings". Ingenious and simple, and as we had not guessed that? 

  • Creators brand Mathew Williamson chose win-win situation, based on the classics, that is, folk motifs, diversifying ornament color inserts, or playing with rhinestones metallic luster.

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