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Cassie Serbo

Cassie Serbo born March 30, 1990 in New York. Cassie - American actress, singer and dancer. She is a member of the quintet girly ''Slumber Party Girls''.The girl managed to dodge more than a thousand of these same candidates. Cassie has signed a contract with a recording studio Geffen Records. 
Cassie won the role of Brooke in the movie "Bring It On: All for a win," Lauren Tanner has also played in the family drama on ABC's "Making or break" (2009). In the film "Making or break" tells the story of a competitive gymnast capable to preparing for the Olympics. 
In the Journal of KEWL Magazine Serbo leads his section of the title "Ask Cassie ...." 
It was released in 2006, one album «Dance Revolution» .

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