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Most beautiful places in the whole world

1 The inca city of Machu Picchu

Country : Peru
Place : near Cuzco

2 The Iguazu waterfalls

country : Argentina – Brazil
place : borders between the two countries

3 The Great wall of China

country : China
place : north-east of the country, along Inner Mongolia

4 The Victoria waterfalls

country : Zimbabwe – Zambia
place : border between the two countries

5 The Niagara waterfalls

country : Canada – United States of America
place : Niagara, near Toronto

6 Fjords and the Preikestolen cliff

country : Norway
place : west of the country

7 The blue mosque in front of Hagia Sofia

country : Turkey
place : Istanbul

8 The Potala, dalai-lama’s palace

country : China / Tibet
place : Lhassa

9 The Yellowstone national park

country : United States of America
place : north-west of the country, Wyoming state

10 The colorful waters of the Jiuzhaigou river

country : China
place : in the middle of the country, north of the Sichuan province

11 The Canaima park and the Salto Angel waterfalls

country : Venezuela
place : east of the country

12 The Plitvice park and its waterfalls

country : Croatia
place : north of Gospic

13 The Neuschwanstein castle

country : Germany
place : near the border with Austria, south of Munich

14 The Burj al arab hotel

country : the United Arab Emirates
place : Dubai

15  Sigiriya

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